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Speed Up with Fiber Optic Business Internet by FRII

Fiber Optic Business Internet

Did you know that fiber optic internet can download a 4MB, 4-minute song as fast as 0.03 seconds? Your average broadband 1Mbps speed will download that same song in roughly 30 seconds. Now, let’s consider this example… Imagine that you’re faced with a 10GB file restoration at your business. If you are using your standard 1Mbps connection to restore that, it could take up to one full day to complete that download. When comparing that to the fiber optic business internet we offer at FRII, you can download that exact same 10GB file in roughly one minute and twenty seconds. That is why fiber optic internet is so powerful and a huge advantage for your business if you are facing bandwidth issues.

We believe we offer the best fiber optic business internet in Colorado and that we can fully meet your businesses needs in an affordable and reliable manner. Our systems are also designed to scale with you should your bandwidth needs continue to grow. An added benefit of having fiber optic internet is that signal strength is generally much higher than DSL, Ethernet, or with WiFi. So, you’ll have less down time or dropped connections when your company is plugged into our fiber optic network.

With all of the advantages that fiber optic internet offers to your business, it makes sense to consider it as an option. You’ll experience cost savings into the future and you won’t need new infrastructure. Additionally, you’ll also experience cost savings by less lost time due to slow internet speeds. There really is no reason to continue using antiquated internet options for your business when the future is here. Be sure to give us a call at FRII so we can show you what fiber optic internet can do for you!

Make Sure You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan In Place

Disaster Recovery

What would happen to your business if disaster struck and you didn’t have a disaster recovery plan in place? How would your business survive if you didn’t have an internet company on hand that provided a disaster recovery server to make sure your most important information stayed safe? These are questions you really need to ask yourself if you are moving more of your data into a digital environment and if you are relying more and more on computers & technology to keep your business running smoothly.

We all hope that nothing happens, but we all know accidents happen. It may be a bad storm, it could be water damage, fire damage, mold or you may suffer as a victim of cyber intrusion. This is why it is so important to have a disaster recovery server through FRII. We have disaster recovery plans available so that you will never miss a beat if the worst were to happen. We make sure that you will maintain access to your company records, data, information and anything else you choose to backup on our servers. If you wouldn’t know what you would do if your computers went down or if you lost everything in a fire or storm, then you should look into what FRII has to offer.

We are here to keep you up and running and provide multiple services that you can take advantage of should you ever need to utilize them. We offer a business continuity suite as well should your disaster be more than just hardware. You are more than just a number to us and that is why we believe we offer what is far beyond normal for those companies who utilize us for their continuity plans.

So take a look at the solutions we offer at and let us make sure your business keeps running smoothly no matter what happens.

We Offer The Best Colocation Hosting On The Market

Colocation HostingIf you are looking for colocation pricing, then you probably already know enough about what you expect your colocation hosting provider to bring to the table. That is where we set ourselves apart as the best colocation providers in Colorado. We have put in the effort, invested in the resources and built the customer service needed to put ourselves in a position to be the best colocation provider in Colorado. We want to be able to provide that to you and here is what we have to offer.

For starters, we are here for you 24/7. It doesn’t matter what time of day or what day of the week. Holidays too. We have someone on site and available to help you every single day of the year. If you are having issues with your colocation service, we know you need support immediately and that is why we offer this benefit for you. We want to make sure that you are never down, you never have to leave a message and we want to make sure you never feel frustrated that you wish you were able to get a hold of your colocation provider.

Now, what does our colocation hosting package offer you? A few things to say the least. It allows you to have multiple secure servers to keep your business up and running. It allows you to have your servers in a secured location that has multiple NOC backup power connections and redundant bandwidth connections. So you’ll always be able to connect to your server and never go down.

So if you are looking for a quote on what colocation pricing would look like for you. Give us a call at 970-212-0700 and speak with one of our sales engineers today. We’ll be sure to give you the answers you looking for and recommend the best solution that fits your budget the first time. Call us today!

Weeding Through The Minutiae On Buzzwords and Tech Words


Fort Collins InternetAre you on the cloud? There are so many buzzwords when it comes to the internet, it can be easy to get lost. We use terminology day in and day out, but do you know what the word actually means. We’ve gathered some buzzwords here as your Northern Colorado Internet provider to help you get a grasp on what these words reference.

Cloud – A virtual private server (VPS) where you store your files, instead of having dedicated hardware on location.

VPS Hosting – A place store your information on part of a larger, physical server, aka virtual server VPS. As you need more space overtime you can upgrade to support your needs. It’s a great way to reduce overhead costs and have quality Fort Collins Internet experts by your side.

Dedicated Servers – Computer hardware specifically dedicated to your business’ network. At FRII, you choose the operating system, and daily on-site or off-site backups.

Colocation – Also known as colocation server hosting, a third-party data center, like FRII, where your business has a secure server or multiple secure servers, based off your needs. This is safer option because your data is in a secure, temperature-regulated facility, and you’ll always be able to connect to your server from your business or outside of the office.

Disaster Recovery – Building fires, flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes can happen. However, it’s more likely to have a server malfunction, then what happens to all your data? Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions at FRII include: colocation, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and backup business continuity suites.

Internet – WWW (World Wide Web) a global computer network allowing you to connect and exchange information.

WiFi / Wi-Fi – Is an acronym for Wireless Fidelity. Allowing computers, mobile phones and other devices to connect to the internet.

Web Hosting – A data file storage and access place for your website. After you type in a domain, “www,” the internet seeks the IP address and reads the information from where the files are saved or hosted.

Email Hosting – A web hosting service that operates email servers.

Well as you can see, as your Fort Collins Internet provider, we keep our ear to the ground and make sure we know what buzzwords are worth following and which ones are overused jargon. The next time that you are looking at your Northern Colorado Internet options, be sure to check out FRII for all of your internet needs!


Fiber Optic Business Internet

Fiber Optic Business InternetAs your business grows, so do your demands for the type of internet speed that can handle your work load. That is why we offer fiber optic business internet packages for the business who needs a professional level of bandwidth on a daily basis. Our reliable, flexible & scalable fiber optic internet solutions offer guaranteed upstream & downstream data transmissions at speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 1Gbps. Not only that, but our team of experts here at FRII are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should an issue ever arise. We pride ourselves on having a technician available whenever you need one so you never have to wait to have your internet problems looked at.

Why would you need fiber optic internet? Well fiber optic business internet is the fastest form of broadband technology and it offers the greatest speeds of data transmission at the highest quality rates. If you are ever sending data over long distances, fiber optics are superior modes of transmission when comparing to DSL or cable internet. One more feature is that fiber optic is able to scale up in terms of data transmission without many infrastructure upgrades by nearly 1,000 times. This allows you to avoid any costly internet upgrades for decades to come. This is one of the best features of fiber optic internet, it positions you to be prepared for the future without any additional costs when the time comes.

So when you are ready to make the decision to upgrade your internet to something better positioned for the future of your company. Give us a call at FRII, fill out a form on our website or swing by our office. We would be happy to talk to you about how fiber optic internet can help you now and in the future!

Colocation Pricing

Colocation PricingIf you’ve determined that you need colocation for your business, then you are probably in the next step of the process, which is figuring out colocation pricing. We understand that the current position you are in is one that requires not only the right budget but the right capabilities to make sure your growing business can grow and be protected properly.

We determine our colocation pricing based on a few factors that you can feel comfortable in discussing with us. We want to make sure that you know you have access to our expert technicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s important for you to know that we use redundant bandwidth connections as well so you’ll always be able to connect to your server for your business. Our team of top-notch colocation solutions running on our redundant system will be sure to keep you up and running no matter what the situation is. That is the type of service that you need so you have peace of mind.

When we build out colocation pricing quotes, we make sure that not only is it the right fit for you, but we want to make sure that the program can scale with you as well. We know that where you are today is not where you’ll be in five years and the easiest transition to handle your needs down the road is the best approach that we believe in. The more data you have, the more trust you need from your colocation provider and that is why we are in this business. To make sure that you’ll never lose a single piece of information that your business relies on.

If you’re interested in renting space on one of our collocated servers, email us at or call us at 970.212.0700 and we’ll get a custom quote for you!

To Go Where No Wi-Fi Has Gone Before: Custom Wireless Ethernet For Rural Internet Areas

Rural InternetWi-Fi is everywhere, well, kind of. Wi-Fi is everywhere urban. All the cafes have it. Even cities offer free Wi-Fi in some cases but what if you do not have access to the Wi-Fi because you live in an undeserved rural internet area. You may shop around to big box Internet services and think that you have no coverage in your area. This is all too wrong.

There is hope. There is Custom Wireless Ethernet.

Custom Wireless Internet is 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It is a higher quality Ethernet that delivers at faster speeds and has a wider range of coverage. This enables Wi-Fi to be available in places where it has never been before.

How does it work?

By utilizing existing infrastructure in the city, it is possible to get the fastest, most reliable network service no matter where you live. FRII’s fiber ring utilizes existing Platte River Power Authority underground cable to enable the fastest, most reliable network in Northern Colorado. A Fiber option uses several rings of fiber so in the event of breakage you still get the ultimate service.

What can you expect?

  • Close to zero latency
  • Speeds of 20 Mbps  / up to 10000 Mbps dedicated
  • Fully synchronous download/upload
  • 24x7x365 local support and network monitoring
  • Access to 2 independent, 10 Gbps Internet connections delivered right to your office
  • Moreover, no wait time; speeds are upgraded the same day as requested.

Gone are the days where you have to struggle with no rural internet. The solution to all your Internet woes is inside this fiber optic cable.

When is it Available?

This may seem futuristic if you have suffered from no Wi-Fi for a long period. However, this is available to you now. FRII has customizable solutions for your family or business if you are in an area that would need rural internet access.



Changing the Face of Regular TV

New face of TV

The way we view TV today has changed. If we think of a traditional TV Viewing, we may think of a DVR, cable boxes, and cords that connect us to one network. We are limited to the channels the network provides, the times that are scheduled and the places that we watch the tube. The lifeline is in the cable box. This legacy model is dying and “Traditional TV” viewership is declining across generations. Now you have access to TV anytime, anywhere. Commercials are shifting to Product Placement vs. traditional advertising. A la Carte services allow you to be selective in what you watch. The Future of TV offers a more interactive experience. Internet-based streaming alters the face of regular television.

Traditional TV” viewership

Each year Nielsen releases an audience report about how people view TV.
Here is the breakdown of age demographics on how much TV we consume:

  • Teens (12-17) watched 14 hours and 18 minutes of traditional TV per week in Q2, a rather large 13.5% drop year-over-year and a 36.2% contraction over the past five years;
  • Older Millennials (25-34) watched 20 hours and 56 minutes per week in Q2, a 5.5% decrease year-over-year (up from 3% in Q1) but a more expansive 25.6% drop over five years;
  • Gen Xers (35-49) watched 29 hours per week, just a 1% decrease year-over-year but a 12% decline over a 5-year period;
  • Adults aged 50-64 watched 40 hours and 18 minutes per week, representing a 1% increase year-over-year, but a 1.9% drop over five years; and
  • Adults aged 65 and older watched 48 hours and 38 minutes per week, up 1.2% from the previous year and up by 5.1% over five years.
    Is a network limiting us?

Anytime, Anywhere

TV of the past was a fixed element in the home. Whole rooms in homes are entirely devoted to TV watching. With a shift in technology and handheld devices, you can be anywhere and catch the latest film or series. You do not even have to be sitting down. The same device that keeps you connected to the world through social media, email, or face time, is all you need to tune in.

With that in mind, you can also have a debate from across the world about the Walking Dead episode that has you so heated. The people you share the experience with can be global. The boundaries are broken down with the rise of our virtual TV viewing experience.

Custom Wireless Services are customized for your usage, they are reliable and fast. Every point in your home can be capable of streaming high use data.

Product Placement vs. Ads

A big pro bono to streaming is no commercials. Companies still want an opportunity to promote their latest and greatest products, so ad placement is on the rise. Ad placement taps into your subconscious. The products no longer have one-minute segments to scream about how great they are. Now the film producers can choose sponsor alignment that is in accord with their audience base. You will see more Mac users, Coke drinkers, and Nike wearers and less 30-second pitches.
This is also an opportunity for a more grassroots effort from product companies to use the TV to promote and market items to the world.

Pay What You Use

The TV of the future is a “Personalized Experience.” Suddenly you have the power to subscribe to the services you like. If you only watch HBO, then you get their service. Devices like Roku help you have the streaming channels you use all in one place. You no longer have to sift through endless insignificant channels just to find the very thing made for you. You know what you like. Streaming with makes it easy to access that one thing and leave the others behind.

We all have our favorite things, and we want complete access to it whenever and however we like it. The TV of the future serves up a delightfully satisfying experience that you create as a viewer. It is yours to create, and it is yours to explore.

The Future of TV

Virtual Reality is going to take TV to a whole new level. Imagine yourself in a world of interactivity while streaming your favorite episode. With the rise of VR, it will immerse you in your favorite episodes. It will transport you into the screen with fellow minded viewers from across the globe. You all move through the storyline together. You are interacting with the characters.

To maximize the experience Virtual private servers can be set up in lieu of a physical server. This will grow and expand with your VR options.

The TV of tomorrow will be participatory. Internet-based streaming is changing the act of viewing TV. We no longer are being fed the stories and have to watch and sit. We will react, interact, participate and do. We will be involved and we will feel. It will be both a physical and emotional experience.

Our options are vast, and with the widespread connectivity of Internet-based streaming, we have more freedom in the way we view TV. In theory, everything can be Internet based, your cell phone, your radio, your refrigerator, and even your glasses. This is continually shaping the way we consume media and the media we consume.

The future experience of TV viewing is pleasurable and interactive. No more time barriers, no more commercials, no more network control, only more and more connection to the things you love most.

Binge watch away!

Get FRII Residential Internet to stream all of your TV. We don’t charge you for downloads like some of our competitors. Just email or call 970.212.0700.

From Concept to Reality: 20 Years of Connecting Communities

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.48.48 PMIn the spring of 1995 Brad Ward and Andy Neely were closing in on the end of their college careers at Colorado State University. With that, came the unfortunate reality of losing access to their school internet accounts. With no options for fast, reliable residential Internet Service Providers in Fort Collins, the two visionaries took it upon themselves to start a company of their own.
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logos for Python, Bottle, and Apache

Recently I have been building some small Python-based web tools for internal usage here at the office. I decided to use Bottle for handling the request routing, etc. I happen to like microframeworks for small projects such as these. What I’m going to post here today is some of the structure I built around Bottle to integrate it with Apache httpd (mod_wsgi), and allow more easily for multiple code files.

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