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The Internet, then and now

A screen shot of Primenet, an early Internet Service Provider, offers Gopher, Telnet, and WWW, along with e-mail, files, and Unix shells. Image shows user connected at 2400 boud.

ISPs often offered Gopher and Telnet, in addition to www, in the early days of the Internet.
(c) Tim Patterson, via flickr; CC BY-SA2.0

To me, in 1995 the Internet was not a thing; I had no idea it existed! I was 12 at the time and was more concerned with riding bikes and just being a kid. So when I was asked to write a blog on what the Internet looked like in 1995, I wasn’t sure I knew what to talk about. I did some research and I found that the Internet in 1995 was . . . how do I put this nicely? . . . for super nerds.
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A Beginners Guide to Network Devices

Devices Everywhere

computers, smartphones, scanners, printers, servers, IP phone routers, and switches all connected to the Internet

With modern advancements in computing, consumers are demanding more and more data. We think its really interesting how these technologies work, which devices play an integral role in allowing other devices to communicate, and hope you do too! This article provides a simple overview of the types of devices that comprise a network and how they interact to transmit information from one place to another.

Let’s look at specifics