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How to use mailing lists

Types of Mailing Lists


Mailing lists are a convenient and adaptable method for email users to manage electronic mail distributions. These lists are typically used, and are subsequently named, for one of two purposes: announcement and discussion lists. Announcement lists are used to distribute email to a group of email addresses for newsletters, periodicals, and marketing materials. Discussion lists are used to provide a forum for individuals to participate in moderated or un-moderated discussions on topics of particular interest to them.

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Mailing Lists: EZMLM v. Mailman — Which is better?

lots of envelopes with the "at" symbol, symbolizing mass mailing through e-mail

Bulk mailings should be done using email mailing lists.

If you need to send an email to a lot of people all at once, the best way to do this is through an e-mail mailing list. Most email providers won’t allow you to send too many emails without one (for instance, FRII has a rate limit that doesn’t allow any user to send email to more than 150 recipients in any five-minute period. Here’s a link to current rate limits for some major providers). Continue reading